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Mono stringer staircase

  • straight glass staircase-with-central-stringer-metal-frame-and-glass-steps
straight glass staircase-with-central-stringer-metal-frame-and-glass-steps

straight glass staircase-with-central-stringer-metal-frame-and-glass-steps

  • staraight glass staircase
  • central stringer
  • metal stringer
  • glass treads
  • Product description: staraight glass staircase

Mono central staircase is always used for modern style decoartion building,for example department,house,hotel,showroom, it can create a high class feeling and it is strong.

Standard Component/Accessories Specification of staircase:

Component Specification Material Surface Finish
Mono Stringer Staircase Center rectangle beam: 100*200*4/150*150*4mm Carbon steel / Stainless steel

Hot dip galvanizing/

powder coated/


Double stringers Staircase Double plate beam: 300*6mm
Double beam with u channel 300*6+300*6/300*5+300*5mm
Double sawtooth stringer 300*6mm/300*8mm/300*10mm
Spiral stair Stringer  140*4/159*4mm center post
Curved stair Stringer  Double plate beam:300*6mm
Double beam with u channel: 300*6+300*6mm
Staircase Tread Solid wooden tread: 40mm/60mm/80mm/100mm beach  wood Painting
Staircase Tread Glass Tread:  10+1.52+10mm/12+1.52+12mm Laminated glass Clear/Frosted

Staircase Railing:

Glass panels or Steel cable 

Glass panel thickness: 12mm Tempered glass Clear/Frosted
Round baluster: dia.50.8mm/38mm/22mm Stainless steel Brushed/Polished
Flat baluster:                             10/12mm single plate /    6+6mm/5+5mm double plate 
Standoff: dia.38mm
Round Handrail:dia.50.8/38mm
Square handrail: 60*30/50*50mm
Flat handrail:50*10mm
Cable/Wire: dia.4mm wire
Solid rod bar:dia.8mm solid rod 
Pipe:dia.12mm pipe(hollow)
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