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Staircase instruction

Staircase material selection and maintenance tips

        Nowadays more and more people like duplexes room, and the duplex floor of the staircase decoration design has become the focus of attention, while the new structure, beautifully designed staircase is the home decoration favorite. Only in this way can bland spaces appear to be more orderly, with more space and more aesthetics.

Staircase material selection in duplex room

1, solid wood staircase
Solid wood stairs is a very popular kind of staircase, it is more suitable for larger spaces such as the two-storys or villas. The solid wood stairs owns natural wood, good texture, high grade, it is very fit for European or classical style family.

2, steel wood staircase
Steel wood staircase using a combination of steel and wood and is cost-effective. Staircase stringer is made of powder coated iron or steel, usually powder coated color white or black since they looks great.
Railings and handrails can be two kinds of steel and wood freely combined, flexible shape.

3, steel glass stairs
The main structure of steel-glass staircase is using carbon steel plate structure or stainless steel plate as a bearing stringer, and choose transparent tempered glass or laminated glass as treads. Steel glass staircase is some kind of lines sensual, full of fashionable atmosphere, more and more young people like this kind of staircase, but easy to make people feel dizzy, not so suitable for families with elderly or children. 

Staircase maintenance tips 
1, wooden stairs easily to be damp, so for wooden stairs in the daily cleaning can not be scrubbed with plenty of water, need to spray on the surface with a detergent and then wipe with a soft cloth.

2, Treads and handrails which people will contact, need to  use  special wax or floor wax protection regularly. In addition, although some of the paint on the treadmill is a light-cured, abrasion-resistant paint, "abrasion resistance" is relatively speaking and has a certain useful life on its own. This also avoids the wooden pedals in the use of a period of time after the local serious wear and tear.

3, when installing the stairs, the first step on the cement spraying insecticide, the other to keep the stairs dry, do not damp.
4, should always check the connection parts of each part to prevent loosening, because the stairs when installed, engineers will be closely linked to them, it can be as the temperature and humidity changes, the components are undergoing a slight physical changes . Wooden staircases or components made of metal or other materials are usually damaged by collapse, abrasion, moth-eaten or fungal attack, all of which can be repaired by a qualified person.

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