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Why choose us?

1.Sirio  Building Materials Co.,Ltd owns many years of designing,production stainless steel staircase,iron staircase,glass floating staircase,spiral staircase,curve staircase,all products can be customized.

2.For difficult staircase,we would provide 3d model to understand more easier. Besides,Sirio provides glass balustrade and swimming pool fence balustrade,all our products meets with Australian and USA or UK building code.Also we are good at designing and producing glass screen,glass shower,glass partition wall and etc.

3.Sirio located in Foshan city,Guangdong Province,China, a very convenient and famous city for construction products for a long time!our products export to USA and Australia and other countries with lower price and high quality.Many customers when building house would like to contact us to purchase ourstaircase,balustrade,pool fence,shower screen,partition wall and gate. We provide professional design and instruction to customers. In this way, customers can save time and money when buying our goods. 

4.Our stainless hardware is made of 304/316 according to customers' requirement,also iron with powder coating, our glass are all tempered glass,keep people away from dangerous.
5.For specail requirements, Sirio would try to find out a best solution for customers. We always uphold the good faith management,the pestige first,always, adhere to the quality of the products to get customers,developement by reputation, we sincerely look forward to being friends with foreigners.

Welcome to contact  us!

Contact Us

Contact: Jason Zhou

Phone: +86 13378473680

Tel: +86 13378473680

Add: Lishui Town, Nanhai Dist.,Foshan,China

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